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15 Key Marketing Automation Statistics


billion 2029 $12.14 Between 2021 and 2024, worldwide marketing automation industry revenue is forecasted to grow by 38.2% billion – Statista Year Marketing automation market revenue (worldwide) 2021 $4.79 billion 2022 $5.19 billion 2023 $5.86 billion 2024 $6.62 billion 2025 $7.47 billion 2026 $8.44 billion 2027 $9.53 billion 2028 $10.76

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Marketing Proves Its Mettle During Pandemic; Job Growth Follows Suit

The CMO Survey

These figures align with reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that the outlook for marketing managers is projected to grow 6% from 2019 to 2029, faster than the average for all occupations. Looking ahead, marketing hiring projections for the next year are very optimistic, reaching 7.6% for the year.

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How Google may identify and evaluate authors through E-E-A-T

Search Engine Land

Reputation scoring of an author This patent was first signed by Google in 2008 and has a minimum term of 2029. Credibility of an author of online content This Google patent was first signed in 2008 and has a minimum term of 2029, and has only been registered in the USA so far.

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13 Podcast Statistics You Need To Know


billion 2029* 102.53 Here’s a detailed table: * Projected figures Year Size of Podcast Industry Market ($) 2023 23.56 billion 2024* 30.03 billion 2025* 38.36 billion 2026* 49.03 billion 2027* 62.71 billion 2028* 80.07 billion 2030* 131.13

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Getting the Google Plus Conversation Right

Duct Tape Marketing

Here’s my advice Shares are probably the most important if you want to build your audience and get more traffic.

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Content Overload: How To Streamline Your Content Curation Process!

billion by 2029, meaning that new AI-powered solutions are always in the making. AI for Content Curation Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become increasingly popular tools for content curation in recent years. The global machine learning market is estimated at $21.17 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $209.91

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What Your Google Tag Manager Container Should Contain - Whiteboard Friday


Or when you're looking at this in 2029 and you're thinking, "Why did I do this thing in 2019?" When I go back and look at some of my very, very first analytics that I set up, I might look at it and think, "Why was I doing that?" But if you have documentation, at least you're going to know why you did that really weird thing back in 2008.