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B2C marketing automation: The tools, tactics and prerequisites for success


B2C marketing deals with consumer purchases, which means B2C marketers are targeting individuals or small groups of people who make purchase decisions. But generally speaking, a couple considering a B2C purchase will have an easier time coming to a decision than a business buying group with varied wants and needs in a B2B setting.

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Find Your Niche: How to Identify Podcast Topics for Your B2B/B2C Brand

Aspiration Marketing

Podcasts are everywhere! True crime, self-help, even underwater basket weaving (seriously). But with so much content, how can your podcast stand out? This blog tackles the challenge of niche selection, helping you craft a podcast that resonates with listeners and propels your brand forward.

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How B2B SEO Differs From Traditional B2C SEO

Marketing Insider Group

For businesses, understanding the nuances of B2B SEO is essential, as it significantly differs from B2C SEO. Unlike B2C, where the consumer base can be broader and more diverse, B2B marketing usually centers on a narrower niche that’s fairly easy to quantify, measure, and target. Content tailored for B2B audiences.

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Why we care about B2C marketing: A guide for marketers


Business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing continues to evolve rapidly to keep up with shifting consumer behaviors and trends driven by our digitized world. This article will explain B2C marketing and touch on B2C marketing strategies, challenges facing marketers, and trends for 2023 and beyond. What is B2C marketing?

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Maximizing Marketing Efforts: Benefits of Personalizing Online Experience

Speaker: Kate Marx, VP of State Street Global Advisors; Tara Quehl, Marketing Director at Demandbase; Lee Zucker, Global Head of GTM & Revenue Strategy at Drift

The world of financial services is shifting as clients demand online experiences that feel similar to those in B2C. What’s the key to meeting their expectations? Humanizing their experience on your website. By personalizing your client’s online experience, your firm can build more trust and value into every interaction.

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The Top 5 B2C Marketing Trends of 2023 [New HubSpot Blog Data]

Hubspot Marketing

In 2022, 51% of B2C marketers plan to increase their marketing budget. To understand what trends B2C marketers are leveraging in 2022, we surveyed 1,067 global marketing professionals working in B2B and B2C companies. For most B2C marketers, the power of influencers is clear. The question is where is that budget going?

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14 Niche Marketplaces to List Your B2C Services

Neil Patel

That is where B2C niche marketplaces can help. Today, with 11 percent of all shopping is done online , it’s vital you know the digital platforms that will give your B2C niche service brand the reach it needs to flourish. What Are B2C Niche Marketplaces? As a B2C brand, it’s even more important to make the right decision.

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