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A Deep Dive into Fulfillment's Impact on E-Commerce Logistics

Aspiration Marketing

This is why so many E-commerce businesses trust fulfillment services to help them manage this part of their business logistics. Handling the storage, shipping, and returns related to products that companies create and market requires attention to detail and expertise.

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Growth Marketing for Logistics Companies

Industrial Marketer

Logistics companies are important parts of the industrial supply chain. Because of the nature of their offerings, logistics companies often focus on maximizing their operational value but have little time to think about strategies for growth, such as growth marketing.


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Good morning: Logistics is a huge part of CX


Writing a story that confirms shoppers are right to worry about being able to get gifts delivered on time this holiday season — or at all — reminded me that we’d visited this topic last year with logistics and supply chain expert Erik Mumford. The post Good morning: Logistics is a huge part of CX appeared first on MarTech.

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Retail trends with impact: What good looks like in smarter logistics and store digitalisation


The post Retail trends with impact: What good looks like in smarter logistics and store digitalisation appeared first on Econsultancy.

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Digitizing Logistics: Harness the Power of Data in 4 Steps

Entering a new demand gen position in a volatile market is nerve-wracking. All eyes are on you to make an impact — fast. That’s where your data comes in. In demand generation, data is essential for knowing who you should target and how.

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The Future of Work: Could Your Industry Be Disrupted by A.I. Jobs?

Jeff Bullas

Here’s what else AI can do: Automate tasks: AI can be used to automate a wide range of tasks, from customer service and marketing to manufacturing and logistics. For example, AI can be used to predict consumer behavior, identify fraud, or optimize supply chain logistics.

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Meta could launch Threads ads this year

Search Engine Land

Meta’s discussions have reportedly focused on the rollout timeline rather than specific logistics about how or where ads will be integrated. Beta testing for ad options is expected soon, though exact dates remain unknown, according to the report. Where Threads Ads may appear.

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