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Why we care about performance marketing


Performance marketing refers to a variety of online advertising programs where parties are paid when a specific action is completed. However, it isn’t limited to that, encompassing any marketing approach that’s tied to a specific action. In this post we’ll cover: What is performance marketing?

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Yelp ad revenue rises 14% as advertisers ‘shift towards performance marketing’ 

Search Engine Land

A shift away from brand advertising and towards performance marketing was noted by Yelp bosses. This is because the latter provides marketers a more efficient way to track and monitor ROI, according to the company. Get the daily newsletter search marketers rely on. A change in behaviour.


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Performance Marketing and How to Incorporate it Into Your Operations


Performance marketing is a key type of marketing that's driven by results. The idea behind performance marketing is advertisers only pay when certain actions are taken, like when someone clicks on an ad or makes a purchase.

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Balancing brand and performance marketing: Don’t fall for the “soft” investment fallacy

Sprout Social

Within the marketing space, I’ve seen executives prioritize CMO candidates with performance marketing backgrounds over more traditional brand marketing. That’s not to suggest that limited user data will spell the death of performance marketing. It’s a common trap business leaders fall into.

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3 key categories of a high-performing marketing organizational structure


In earlier parts of this series, I have covered two out of five interconnected points of a framework for designing a high-performing marketing organization : Proposition. Next steps Designing a high-performing marketing organization requires a thoughtful approach. Principles. That’s what I’d like you to do.

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DAC Group’s Mike Fantis on life at a performance marketing agency


Mike Fantis is VP Managing Partner at performance marketing agency DAC Group. We also discuss marketing budgets, the importance of first-party data, and what’s to come as we head further into the year. We caught up with Mike to find out more about his role.

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What is Performance Marketing?

The Next CMO

Performance Marketing is a form of marketing that brings measurable results, only paying when a specific result occurs.