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How the Google-Reddit partnership impacts brand management

Search Engine Land

The Google-Reddit partnership is a significant development that is reshaping online brand management. As a result, brands must now navigate this evolving digital landscape with foresight and adaptability to protect their online presence and ensure it thrives.

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Content Marketing for Small Businesses: 7 Projects for Brand Managers


The post Content Marketing for Small Businesses: 7 Projects for Brand Managers appeared first on Copyblogger. Content marketing for small businesses doesn’t look much different from what larger companies do to promote their products or services. Continue Reading.


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We Found Out What Brand Managers Really Want


Brand manager survey reveals what consumer packaged goods brands most value in an agency partnership

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The Importance of Brand and Brand Management


Effective brand management is crucial for businesses to establish a strong identity and gain a competitive edge. The post The Importance of Brand and Brand Management appeared first on yorCMO.

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The Wu-Tang Clan Provides A Masterclass On Brand Management

CMO Network

The Wu-Tang Clan is a formidable force and a case study for branding.

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Key Steps for Building Strong Brand/Customer Relationships

Digital Marketer

This article will explore the importance of your brand-customer relationship. We’ll explain how the four principles of brand management can help you build and maintain that relationship. What is a Brand-Customer Relationship? Your brand-customer relationship is the connection between your business and its customers.

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Meta rolls out new and updated tools to improve brand safety controls

Search Engine Land

Multiple users logged into the same Business Manager account can access the reporting history for the entire business, making it easier for different departments to share information. Updates to Rights Manager. Meta is adding three new features to help brands manage and protect their copyrighted content at scale.

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