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Content Marketing for Small Businesses: 7 Projects for Brand Managers


The post Content Marketing for Small Businesses: 7 Projects for Brand Managers appeared first on Copyblogger. Content marketing for small businesses doesn’t look much different from what larger companies do to promote their products or services. Continue Reading.

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The Importance of Brand and Brand Management


Effective brand management is crucial for businesses to establish a strong identity and gain a competitive edge. The post The Importance of Brand and Brand Management appeared first on yorCMO.


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Global Branding: What it is And How to do Global Brand Management

Rock Content

But nothing that good international branding management can’t solve. This article will explain everything you need to know about global branding, showing how brands can trace an efficient strategy to conquer markets worldwide. Also, a global brand strategy strengthens identity. Complex, isn’t it?

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Key Steps for Building Strong Brand/Customer Relationships

Digital Marketer

This article will explore the importance of your brand-customer relationship. We’ll explain how the four principles of brand management can help you build and maintain that relationship. What is a Brand-Customer Relationship? Your brand-customer relationship is the connection between your business and its customers.

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Vanity Metrics: Definition & Examples for Marketing


Vanity metrics in brand management While they can be really important and helpful, metrics like social media reach and sentiment scores can also be misleading out of context. Just because someone has seen your post doesn’t mean they care for your brand or products.

Marketing 114
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How to protect and leverage your single source of truth


The harder it is to keep track of, the less consistency across your brand management. Without those, you lose any record of what’s being done with that asset in terms of when, where and by whom. Dig deeper: DAM metadata: Why less is more Uploading the same asset in multiple locations is not only risky, it’s inefficient.

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Authority management: A new discipline in the era of SGE and E-E-A-T

Search Engine Land

The role of digital authority management Building a brand and reputation are originally the task of brand management, marketing and PR – basically, beyond classic SEO. However, those responsible for brands rarely concern themselves with the effects of their efforts on generating algorithmically measurable signals.