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UK fashion influencers redefining style

Sprout Social

Whether it’s a try-on haul on YouTube, a styling video on TikTok or a #HighStreet fit check on Instagram, fashion influencers have an impact on how the world showcases their self-expression through clothing. Understanding the influencer landscape in the UK The power of influencer marketing extends into fashion and other global industries.

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Circular Luxury Fashion Represents A Dilemma For Existing Brands

CMO Network

In a world of fleeting fashion trends and escalating production costs, second-hand fashion luxury represents both an opportunity and a threat for traditional brands.

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Fashion ecommerce: How to analyze search demand and forecast trends

Search Engine Land

Fashion ecommerce is going through a period of change. Brands are under increasing pressure from consumers and market forces to become more sustainable and less wasteful, especially in fast fashion. Here are some examples of how we provide more value in the ecommerce fashion sector by leveraging search data effectively.

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16 Best Fashion Affiliate Programs


Instead, it’s about finding programs that don’t leave you feeling fashionably lost. The world of fashion is dynamic, ever-evolving, and, most importantly, accessible to everyone. From renowned luxury brands to budget-friendly fast fashion, there’s a brand for every person.

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3 Fashion Influencer Marketing Trends from Early 2022


Learn how influencers are talking about sustainable fashion, knitwear, live shopping, and virtual styling and what it means for influencer marketing in 2022.

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SEO for Fashion E-commerce: A Definitive Guide

Neil Patel

If you’re a fashion marketer, or an agency working with a new fashion client, then you know that SEO is essential for online success. But what makes fashion e-commerce SEO unique? In this article, I’ll explain everything you need to know about SEO for fashion e-commerce. Why Does SEO Matter for Fashion E-commerce?

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Sports and Fashion Team Up for Unique Branding Opportunities

Hubspot Marketing

The fashion industry and major sports leagues are two different industries that have countless collaboration opportunities. In 2022, major sports and fashion saw a number of intersection points beyond team merch, including: Serena Williams walking a Vogue runway shortly after announcing her retirement from tennis.

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