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20 Tools & Resources for Conducting Market Research

Hubspot Marketing

With market research, you determine whether the opportunity exists, how to position the product or service, or what consumers' opinions are after the launch. Here are 21 of the best tools for conducting market research, including a few recommendations directly from HubSpot market researchers. Let's dive in.

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AI Market Research: Tools, Techniques, and Trends

Rock Content

Market research plays a pivotal role in marketing. Market research helps you find the right customer for your brand in the first place. In 2023, AI has emerged as a must-know research tool for digital-age marketers. What is Marketing Research?


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How to Do Market Research: A Guide and Template

Hubspot Marketing

To do just that, you must have a deep understanding of who your buyers are, your specific market, and what influences the purchase decisions and behavior of your target audience members. Enter: Market Research. However, keep in mind that market research offers benefits beyond those strategies.

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Webinar: Market Research and Insights


The Fundamentals of Market Research and Insights Best Practice In an environment of rapidly changing customer behaviour, leveraging customer insight is critical to maintaining a competitive edge. This webinar distils the key learnings from Econsultancy’s new Fundamentals of Market Research and Insights Best Practice Guide.

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Market research focus groups get new lease of life


Thus a 6–10-person session that once took two hours can be divided into a pair of four-person sessions running one hour each, noted Jenny Karubian, CEO at market research company Ready to Launch Research. Dig deeper: You need a market research mind-set. But maybe not in the way a marketer expects.

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Survey Questions for Market Research – with Examples

Neil Patel

You can gain practically everything you need to make your customers happy by using survey questions for market research. First, here are some general guidelines to help you prepare result-focused survey questions for market research: 1. Luckily, doing this is easier than you may think. This leads us to my next point.

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7 ways to use social media for market research

Sprout Social

As marketers, it’s our job to know our target audience’s needs and preferences. It’s why we conduct market research every year to better understand what our customers want and uncover new business opportunities. But sometimes market research alone isn’t enough, especially when consumer preferences can change overnight.