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The 6 Stages of the Product Life Cycle

Hubspot Marketing

This is a great example of the product life cycle (PLC) in action. Overall, the concept of the product life cycle is to help businesses make decisions on how to mature and grow in the marketplace. The best companies will usually have products at several points in the product life cycle at any given time.

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Product Life Cycle: What it is, the 5 Stages, & Examples

Neil Patel

If you work with sales, knowing about the Product Life Cycle model is almost mandatory. The model describes the stages a product goes through in its journey from creation to discontinuation. Because products in different stages demand different strategies, be that for physical products or for services.


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Product Life Cycle: What it is & What Are The Stages Involved?

OnPassive Marketing

The time between a product’s introduction to the market and its removal from the shelves is referred to as the “product life cycle.” ” Product life cycle management is the process of planning ways to support and maintain a product continuously. Conclusion.

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A look at martech investment and innovation


In addition to tracking external martech trends, we also look at data from the nearly 1,000 stacks managed on our platform.

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What Marketers Can Learn From Bud Light’s Tumble

Set Up

It is also important to evaluate your brand’s reputation, role in society, and life stage. According to the product life cycle continuum, and confirmed by their former VP of Marketing, Alissa Heinerscheid, Bud Light has been in the decline phase for many years and knew they needed to do something.

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How to Start a Franchise Business

Neil Patel

What you offer: Are you offering products or services? What is your product life cycle and how will you handle things like intellectual property? Funding : How will you pay for the franchise fees, labor costs, and the equipment or products you need to get started?

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Looking for Content Strategy Buy-In? Don’t Rely on the Same Old Arguments

Content Marketing Institute

From a marketing and communications perspective, we built strategies around the creation of content for whatever part of the product life cycle we were in charge of. Product marketing/management created the packaging content for the product.