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Microsoft Bing adds automobile and car search features

Search Engine Land

This is powered through the listings in the MSN Autos Marketplace. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.

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The business benefit of social isolation and other observations

Businesses Grow

This advice is like telling a person who made horse buggies in the 1920s: “The automobile won’t take your job, but somebody who knows automobiles will.” ” No, automobiles eliminated their job, not some person. I’m a positive person, but I also want to be realistic about what is happening.


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How Color Psychology Plays a Powerful Role in Your Marketing Strategies

Calvyn Lee Blog

Black and White Convey Luxury Appeal Black commands a powerful, luxurious presence across luxury fashion, cosmetics, technology, automobile and other high-end industries. Green’s association with freshness can also prove effective for education and technology companies aiming to convey forward-thinking, innovative positioning.

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Google adds search themes to Performance Max

Search Engine Land

car” and “automobile” would be the same audience). You want to provide important information to help your campaign ramp up and optimize performance faster. How it works. According to Google: You can add 25 unique search themes per asset group (e.g., “car”

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Google Auto Knowledge Panel Adds Green Font For Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

Search Engine Roundtable

Google Search has a knowledge panel for automobile and car related searches. If you search for a vehicle where there is an electric and/or hybrid option available, Google will say "hybrid available" and put that font in green.

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Why we care about AR and VR: A guide for marketers


It has found applications in healthcare, entertainment, automobiles, education, and many other industries (we’ll get into specific cases later). VR in the automobile industry. Virtual reality devices enter the automobile market at two junctions— at the planning stage of the vehicle and when the customer is purchasing it.

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Super Bowl Ads Consumers Loved in 2023 & What Marketers Can Learn [New Data]

Hubspot Marketing

Consumers' Favorite Automobile Commercial Jeep - The Jeep 4xe 'Electric Boogie' With its upbeat soundtrack, hilarious animals, and clever showcasing of product attributes — it's no wonder 33% of consumers listed Jeep's 4xe commercial as their favorite automobile-related Super Bowl ad.