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5 Marketing Ethics to Follow on Social Media

Neil Patel

How important are marketing ethics when it comes to your purchase decisions? If you are like most consumers, ethics matters a lot. Promoting good causes and following marketing ethics can help your brand attract much-needed attention and drive ROI for paid ads. 5 Marketing Ethics to Follow for Paid Campaigns.

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Marketing Ethics: Selling Doesn’t Have to Be Sleazy (5 Real-World Examples)


During any discussion about marketing ethics, I’m always reminded of a comment a former coworker made decades ago: “I’d never. The post Marketing Ethics: Selling Doesn’t Have to Be Sleazy (5 Real-World Examples) appeared first on Copyblogger. Continue Reading.


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10 top marketing podcasts for 2024


There are a lot of marketing podcasts out there, so how do you know which ones to listen to? Here are 10 — listed in alphabetical order — that cover everything from content from AI to marketing ethics and more. These are some of the questions that Mikhail Myzgin explores in his podcast, “Ethics in Marketing.”

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How can the AI Content Wizard be used to craft ideas and create efficient content outlines?

Rock Content

Harnessing AI in Marketing, ethically The emergence and establishment of AI tools for marketing bring convenience and speed to task execution but also raise numerous questions about balanced and ethical usage. You can check the full article here.

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What is Geofencing Marketing?

Neil Patel

Geofencing Marketing Ethical Considerations. When it comes to location-based ads, the primary ethical consideration is privacy. Walk-In Rate: Percentage of people on a street who end up going to your store. You can change your ads based on your results.

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The race to embrace AI might overwhelm ethical considerations

Businesses Grow

On the latest episode of The Marketing Companion, members of the RISE community discuss how they see the race to embrace AI impacts education, marketing, culture, careers, ethics, and our children.

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“Understanding Hallyu: The Impact of Korean Pop Culture” by Sanya Anand and David Seyheon Baek

The Marketing Journal

The Korean Wave, also known as Hallyu, represents a significant cultural phenomenon characterized by the global dissemination and popularity of various facets of South Korean culture, including music (K-pop), television dramas (K-dramas), films, fashion, cuisine, language, and beauty trends.

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