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19 Key Market Research Statistics


Market research is a growing multi-billion-dollar industry. Brands leverage market research insights to introduce customer-focused offerings and improve their experiences. Online/mobile quantitative research services accounted for 35% of worldwide revenues of market research companies.

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13 Businesses With Brilliant Global Marketing Strategies

Hubspot Marketing

Global marketing is no longer reserved for brands with deep pockets, nor is it a huge hassle for already over-burdened marketing managers. In fact, a global presence is possible for any business with a creative strategy and an understanding of world markets. What Is Good Global Marketing? Guess what?


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How Does Google Work In Each Country? 3 Tips For Your Global Marketing Strategy

Rock Content

We’ve been studying Google in many different ways, and today in this post we can share with you three tips about how to perform well on Google in different countries while speaking the market’s language. These insights come from the Global Marketing Playbook 2023, a new collab between HubSpot, Rock Content and Lokalise.

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6 Key Steps to Global (Marketing) Domination

Adobe Experience Cloud Blog

This reality may make the idea of extending into global markets seem daunting for marketers, but it’s worth the effort. Localizing your company’s marketing, product, and sales content can have a hugely positive impact on demand generation , company growth, brand recognition, and revenue creation. What is it?

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A Fishful of Dollars: What Marketers Can Learn from the Gen Z Caviar Bump

Hubspot Marketing

They might seem silly on the surface but– when timed right– jumping on the right meme can mean marketing magic. A TikTok trend that’s helping brands tap a $465 million global market. In 2023, global caviar sales were estimated at around $465 million , according to the market research firm Fact.MR.

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The five key skills every marketer needs today

Businesses Grow

Denis Sison has more than 30 years of experience as a global marketing executive for iconic companies such as P&G, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Blackberry, The Hershey Company, and, most recently, Johnson & Johnson. I had a great opportunity to gain insight into this issue from Denis Sison.

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Google and Meta are losing their edge as TikTok, Amazon, Instacart ads grow

Search Engine Land

Vincent Létang, executive vice president of global market research at Magna, a media- investment firm that is part of Interpublic Group of Cos.‘ Mediabrands, called Netflix and Disney’s entry into the market “a game-changing moment” for ad-supported streaming.

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